Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sharing Your Story

I had the privilege of sitting in on the taping of our most recent Faculty Unscripted video with Dr. Joanna Shaw.  While I found the technical nature of videography to be interesting, Dr. Shaw's stories of family ties to Tarleton, her passion for students, and classroom interactions, really captured my attention.  Maybe it was the dark room or her kind voice, either way I was taken.  I found her stories to be authentic and full of detail.

"Share Your Story" graphic with Dr. Joanna Shaw during filming

Dr. Shaw has a real passion for her students and it shows.  Students are her favorite part of the job "because I meet students I would have never ran across at any other path in my life". She strives to make a connection with students by asking questions like, "What is best thing that's happened to you since we last met", prompting students to share their own stories.

As I reflect on Dr. Shaw's video, I am reminded of an article I read in Entrepreneur Magazine called "Why Leaders Are Great Storytellers".  This article, while lengthy, talks about the fact that stories do not need to be complex to be effective, nor do you have to have some great power to tell a story.  It is all about helping others connect.  If someone can see the impact and the emotion in your story, they are more likely to connect.  As Dr. Shaw says, "these are the things that make us as humans unique".  So I would encourage you all to share your stories, and share what makes you unique.  Better yet, share your story and connection to our University because you are what makes Tarleton unique!

Are you willing to make a connection?
Do you have a story to tell?

We are always looking for story tellers and would love to hear yours!