Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hiring students for making web page updates

It is very common for departments to hire students to make web page updates for their areas – and we support that! We recommend that if you are hiring a student worker/technician/intern for this purpose that you consult Web Services before making the hire.
  • We can help you determine how much workforce you need to work on your website(s) – do you need one or two students, or do we have office resources we can provide to you as well?
  • We can offer advice on what qualities to look for in a student for this type of position. They should be technologically proficient and have good grammar skills, among other things.
  • We will be required to train the student to use Cascade Server (our content management system) for updating your pages before they receive access to the system, and your student may need ongoing training as well.

If you can involve us at the beginning of the process, we will do what we can to advise you along the way. Thanks so much!