Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Experience at the CMIS Women in IT Conference in College Station, TX

Danielle Dunigan My name is Danielle, and I have been a student intern in the Office of Web Services for over a year and a half. I recently attended the CMIS Women in IT Conference, which is hosted at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX, with my colleagues Silvia and Daphne. I learned a lot of things at the conference, but the thing that really stuck out to me was the importance of networking. It’s good to have personal relationships with people from other companies. I found that it is really important to communicate with people from all over the globe because you can learn from them. I also learned a great deal from the speakers that came to talk to us. They pushed skills such as good work ethic and active listening. They also talked about their experience in the work force and how it affected them. Their stories were very inspiring. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of women that are into technology.

Web teams meeting up
Meeting up with Texas A&M web professionals was awesome! L to R: Danielle, Silvia, Donald, Daphne, Tim

Aside from the conference, we also got to have dinner with two Texas A&M employees that are web professionals. It was really interesting to hear about their experiences and how it is differs from working at Tarleton. For example, they have their own web team for each college whereas Tarleton has just one web team that covers all of the colleges and departments. Overall, I learned a lot and it was an amazing experience. I acquired some useful skills that will help me as a student and later in the workforce.