Friday, May 1, 2015

Student Employee of the Semester Award - Spring 2015

Each semester we award one of our student employees with the "Student Employee of the Semester Award" in web services. This semester's award was given to our student intern, Yaritza Corrales.

Morgan Hammond, Yaritza Corrales, Daphne Hunt
Yaritza is a star-performer in everything that she does in Web Services. She has made great strides in collecting and placing content for our new degree pages. Yaritza has well-written communication and has done well with tackling difficult situations. Her eager attitude and pleasant demeanor has made an impact in our office. She is quick to share ideas and suggest new opportunities for engagement.

Left to right: Ernesto Martinez, Danielle Dunigan, Colton Sheffield, Silvia Fuentes, Josh Roelofs, Daphne Hunt, Morgan Hammond, Yaritza Corrales, Karole Schroeder

Web Services has had a busy semester, and could not have completed the large number of projects and tasks without having such a strong team. We look forward to continuing to serve the university this summer as we continue to roll-out our new responsive degree program pages.