Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Homepage 2.0 Goes Live Today

Web Services has been working on solving a number of bugs found on the homepage and making some improvements to the page interface for better functionality on all devices. After all the device testing, we are rolling out Homepage 2.0 today.

Homepage 2.0 Bug and Change List

  • Bug fixes for iPhones, Androids, and Windows Phones.
  • Fixed hanging on scrolling up and down the page on mobile versions.
  • Fixed expanding/contracting menus on mobile navigation.
  • Improved mobile navigation.
  • Fixed background page appearing underneath mobile menus and search fields.
  • New and smoother header reveal on scroll up and disappear on scroll down to provide more real estate for page content.
  • Mobile navigation appears and disappears smoother.
  • Improved tabbing through items and navigation on the page.
  • Improved form field validation checking.
  • Improved load time.
Should you discover any problems or have compliments on the changes (we love hearing when we've done something right), please Submit Feedback on the Changes for the Homepage.

Technical Bug and Change List

Mobile-Specific Bugs

  • iOS8
    • scroll unresponsive
    • mobile main Menu jitter
    • quick double tap closes menus
  • Windows Phone
    • search clicks register to other elements
    • scrolling in mobile windows phone during search scrolls down to main page

Sticky Header

  • added 3 states to the mobile and desktop header
  • transitions between hide, show, and -200px off-screen
  • major  CSS changes supporting elements to allow position relative as a default position when resting at the top

Lazy Load Bugs

  • $("[data-original]”) looped to itemize each element after the dynamic elements are loaded
  • fixed footer images not loading properly

Form Inputs and Validity in Webkit

  • HTML5 enforced validity for HTML5 compatible browsers
  • JS added code to enforce validation in Webkit.  
  • Webkit requires special CSS in iOS to display properly

Collapsify (for expanding/contracting menus, etc.)

  • modularized plugin for collapsing elements
  • optional and default closed and open elements
  • list item as a link not working

Sliderific (for sliding images, news, etc.)

  • now accepts position and button size

Top Nav Hide/Show Delay

  • same as banner code
  • code is in stacked template

Dynamic Menus

  • basic ul li elements
  • datetimestamp to pull fresh data every time minimize cached elements
  • Collapsify after instance load

Unified Mobile and Desktop Search

  • made search a separate div for flow and accessibility
  • moved search default position farther off-screen in CSS as default position in mobile
  • float width bug
  • float over login hides search
  • search font sizes
    • mobile
    • desktop

All Animations are 3D CSS

  • to top
  • audience and main mobile menus
  • search
  • sticky header


  • strange block appearing after search results elements removed
  • appears modal with a grey background on desktop
  • improved More button and flow functionality


  • only hide tags 
  • indent all code appropriate to width
  • removed deprecated code

Changes in Cascade Server

  • moved around elements in template and created new instances
  • added document.ready to Tarleton F.O.C.U.S. block in all stacked template modules
-Karole and Ernesto