Monday, August 4, 2014

New Workshop: Making Updates in Cascade Server

Cascade Server
Web Services invites you to attend our August Workshop:
"Using Cascade Server to Make Timely Web Updates,"
led by Morgan Hammond, Web Content Specialist for the Office of Web Services.

The workshop will be @ 3:45P on August 15, immediately following the Cascade Training.  It will be held in the Library Training Center, which is accessible from the new Library Commons area on the main floor of the Dick Smith Library. 

This workshop will allow you to spend an hour making your web updates alongside other web maintainers and Web Services Employees. You can ask questions and get one-on-one help with those hard to make edits. This is a great way to get out of your office and away from distractions to make those much needed updates!

Should I attend this workshop?


  1. If you regularly write and make updates to a Tarleton site, you will learn about the latest updates to Cascade Server, the effective use of Cascade tools and get solutions to common problems you have struggled with over and over while making updates to your site.
  2. If you have been tasked as a Web Maintainer and already attended training this workshop is an easy way get a jump start on those edits, or build your confidence.


  1. If you have not already attended training, this workshop will leave you with more questions than answers.
  2. If you want a course in HTML writing, Web Services does not provide training or courses in HTML.
  3. If you want to redesign or change the layout of your pages, please contact Web Services to schedule a consultation.

Take Aways

While our one hour training sessions are a great start, we realize that most learn from doing. You will be able to build your confidence, get advice from the experts, and be able to make updates faster after attending this one hour workshop.

Cascade Training

If you are interested in attending a training session, you can see a list of scheduled training sessions on our website. To RSVP to a scheduled training, send an email to Please be sure to have your immediate supervisor request your access to Cascade and fill out the Cascade Server User Agreement prior to your training.