Friday, November 21, 2014

"Meet the Staff" Series - Ernesto Martinez, Web Programmer

Full Name: Ernesto "Ernie" Alonzo Martinez
Title: Web Programmer
Length of time in Web Services at Tarleton: 5 Years
Length of time in programming occupation: 12 years
Top  three areas of expertise: Programming, Web Design, Database Development
Topic Interests: circuit design, painting/drawing, carpentry, video/audio/image editing
Favorite thing about my job: I have always enjoyed building things with my hands, and writing code is just like that, but virtually.

A "day in the life" for me:
  1. First part of the day I usually check my emails for any new items of interest that may need my attention. I check Asana for any projects that may be due soon and check off any that I may have forgotten to check off.
  2. Usually I work on internal script programming or any special projects as assigned.  Lately since we have moved to responsive design most of my time is spent on new device IOS changes. I'm really excited about potentially working with a shuttle tracking system project since that may allow for some good old fashioned programing with GPS while leveraging responsive design and HTML5.
  3. Some of the stuff I do is automation. Some projects I have worked on that make our lives easier and more automated: FTP account creator, front page feeds (news, calendar, focus, and menus), and the timeout re-director that makes sure we remain connected to important systems such as Banner and MyGateway to display a proper message when one goes down.
  4. Testing is also very important. Making sure everything works with every device and every browser on that device is very involved. Not everything displays the same, and that requires a lot of code massaging to get them to function in a similar way.
  5. Whenever we have a new project come up, I like to see what other universities have done and do some research on whats available.
  6. Research. Technology moves at the speed of light. If something doesn’t exist today, it will probably exist tomorrow. More often than not it is up to you to make that happen.