Friday, August 8, 2014

Coming Soon: New Features in Cascade Server 7.12

Cascade ServerHannon Hill announced on August 6, 2014, that Cascade Server 7.12 is available. We are on the queue to upgrade Tarleton's content management system at 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM, on Wednesday, August 13, 2014.

In general, this upgrade consists of new broken link reports, improvements to drafts, and filter options for stale content checking.

Broken Links

We have had some issues with page specific broken link checking. You may have noticed when you have external links, you see every single one of them pop up in a broken link report once you submit your page after editing it.

This is a problem for multiple reasons. The potential for false positives, or links that aren't broken are considered broken, is very high. Since you'd have to check every single link each time you edit and submit your page, you are less likely to go through that long link check process. Meanwhile, pages you are not focused on editing may now have broken links, but since you don't edit them, you never know about these issues.

Hannon Hill is now providing "site-wide" broken link reports (we will discuss "Sites" benefits in more detail as we convert your websites over in Project Squishy), so you don't have to click on individual pages to check for broken links. These should circumvent our current false positive issue on page related link checking.

"Link Report" will become a new tab on your dashboard when we upgrade, and a dashboard widget option will be be available when we move you into Sites.

You may be aware that our student technicians and interns are contacting you about broken links on a regular basis. We are using SiteImprove to provide you with those results, however, they only work when the pages are published to the live website. Cascade Server will check all your link content, published or not, on a periodic basis.

It will provide you with the pages the broken link is located on, the number of times they occur, and what type of broken links they are, so you can easily find and correct your links, putting you back in control of your content. As you fix your issues, you can change the Status of each broken link, so these issues don't continue to alert you in the Link Report.


When you are editing a page inside Cascade, your changes are automatically saved as a Draft. Often when you are typing or clicking on something, you'll notice your editing area shift around as Cascade informs you that you currently have a Saved Draft. This disruptive behavior will be no more!

Also, your old drafts (if you accidentally made multiple on the same page) will be discarded as soon as you submit your edits. You won't get confusing error messages about that mysterious person who has a draft of your page as well leading you to believe you might not want to submit those changes. Draft changes will include a sanity check: timestamps will be available on your draft versions.

Stale Content

Some content doesn't need to be checked every week, month, or whatever arbitrary time period we have marked on your whole site. After all, the university catalog gets a refresh once a year, so why should you be yelled at by a stale content checker every month asking you if you've updated your course rotation schedules yet? That's unnecessary worry.

You will be able to organize your content by folders, and these folders will have different shelf life settings, so things like course rotation schedules don't have to be checked but maybe once a year. News content (because we want to know the exciting things your department is doing right now, not a year ago) would be checked far more periodically.